Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What to say when you send flowers - part 2

Now with more fun occasions for sending flowers, I find that those who attempt humor usually do it when they are either in the dog house with their significant other, or just to say hi. Just saying hi with some humor is great, however, all too many times the humor in making up for something just gets twisted into "now you want to make light of this?" sort of reaction. Humor in the dog house is a risky, risky move. Or even worse, you've finally got your head out of the dog house and the humor backfires, and in you go again. The point with using humor is to cheer someone up or just to make them laugh. Either way, this will take some creativeness and some serious thought. Try pulling something from a past experience together and giving it a twist. Take a popularized piece and use it relative to each other. Just spend some quality time with it and it should turn out fine.


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