Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to send flowers without hurting the environment

If you’re into flowers, then you may have read the book Flower Confidential. If you haven’t read it, go read it. It will open your eyes to the cut flower industry and its customers (that may or may not be you). Hey, there’s nothing wrong with learning more about yourself, right? To answer the question, one can’t really send flowers without compromising and adding stress to the environment. One can reduce those effects, by making better decisions with which florist you use, and more importantly, by encouraging your favorite florist to buy from fair trade suppliers, buying organic, and also encouraging your florist to offset the resulting carbon footprint of the complete path of those flowers. Most importantly, but a longer term initiative is to encourage your congressperson to implement incentives for these types of initiatives industrywide, and also repeal laws and coercive trade agreements such as what we have with Equador. It seems that we essentially force this small, poor country to make flowers for us to send to each other in exchange for food crops at favorable pricing.


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