Monday, August 06, 2007

Send flowers like a European

Many urban wage earning Europeans buy flowers a couple times a week, mostly to dress up their home décor and office cubicles. Americans however, tend to only send flowers on special occasions, and usually to others. I believe this points to the difference in lifestyle between the two sets of populations. To generalize, for the most part, this reflects the hurried attitude of the American, skipping lunch, naps, vacations, and smelling the roses. Here’s the thing, though. Are these particular American behaviors actually more productive? Exclusive of any differences in comparison, I would guess that it does result in higher productivity. It has been proven however that flowers in the workplace do result in higher productivity as well. Comparing these two factors of increased productivity, which is greater? More specifically, compare the American work ethic without flowers to the European work ethic where there is flowers in the workplace, and I ask, which is more productive?


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