Friday, March 30, 2007

How to send flowers with a local Mom & Pop Flower Shop

These days it is difficult to tell whether or not the shop you are buying flowers from is a local mom and pop or a larger enterprise. Well, oddly enough, chances are some of the larger flower shops are still mom and pop's, just better at competing in the new marketplace, and finding YOU, the customer! The better question is, does it really matter if you buy flowers from a local mom and pop, or a mom and pop that is out of the area you are sending flowers to? From a price/value standpoint, that answer is NO. The value proposition is exactly the same. The only difference is that the profit margin is moved or better yet, dispursed in a lesser manner; the local mom and pop will get all of the profit margin, leaving the out of area shop with nothing, and the wire service with nothing. Well, you say, that means that extra money that would normally be split there would go into my arrangement? Wrong. The arrangement you are paying for is what your recipient is going to get. If they don't, you'll have recourse, but it is NOT going to be any better. So those same dozen red roses or Tea Cup Arrangement is going to get there either way. Sure you could shop around for about a half hour or so and save 5 or 6 bucks, but it may not be with the local shop, and that 5 or 6 bucks may be the difference between having a great arrangement or having one that looked much better in the picture, leaving you, shall we say, wilted? From a service standpoint, YES, but this has nothing to do with whether it is a local mom and pop or one that is out of area. It has to do with keeping YOU, the customer happy with your flower buying experience, and is a topic for another day. However, in answering the title question of the topic, you can find a local mom & pop flower shop by clicking here.