Monday, June 02, 2008

How to Send Flowers to the Troops Overseas

This is one of the more difficult tasks for florists. In a stable base area and one that is developed, there may actually be a florist on base that services the troops overseas. Other times one may be able to find a florist in the same city as a base. Since most people speak English one can attempt to call themselves and set up this international transaction. The credit card company will figure out the best exchange rate albeit charge a fee for doing so. Some shops in the US can also usually facilitate flower delivery through one of the wire networks. However, obviously there isn't much access to a flower shop in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's not impossible to send flowers to these areas though. I've heard of stories where it may be sometimes possible to get a US shop near a major airforce base to take an arrangement over to the base to go on the next plane to the area. It's my understanding that much of this has to do with good timing, but its worth a shot.


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I agree with you there. This can be a difficult part when sending flowers. But then, it's the thought and gesture that always count :)


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